In present on the Department of Informatics study around 250 students in the Information systems program and two attendance educational programs which are accredited until 2014 and be prolonged.

Bachelor degree programs

Main bachelor degree program is named Information Systems. We also offer study in two bachelor pedagogical programs. They are focused on education of informatics in combination with another subject, e.g. physical education or history. All degrees can be completed in three years of study and are structured to give more or less space in the first one or two years to choose suitable specialization within our Department.
Department also offers short-term industrial placement for students.
Members of the Department of Informatics consist of one professor, three internal and one external associate professor, ten assistant professors, three assistant lecturers and three non-academic members.
The target of the research and publication production of department members is research of the radium-biological models exploited in the medicine and in the physiology, questions of operating systems – Unix, Linux, Win32 and programming of applications for this, creation of the top web pages – marker language XML, PHP, HTML, numeric methods, self-organized projections, effective exploited of user applications, theory of the education in the informatics, petri nets, project management and modeling, social network analysis, etc.

Courses taught in English

International students can choose from several curses taught in English:

Dependability of Information Systems
IS/IT Security
Mathematics for informatics I
Mathematics for Informatics II
Markup Languages
Numerical Methods
Operating Systems
Programming I
Programming II
Computer Graphics
Programming for Internet I
Programming for Internet II
Multimedia in Practice
IT Basics
Introduction to Informatics
Introduction to UNIX
Visual Programming in Win32
Introduction to Dependability
Project Management
Project seminar INWEST RFID I
Programming in Python