Department of Computing and Didactic Technology was established in the year 1987 by prof. RNDr. Jan Kopka CSc. who was after a few years elected the first rector of the University of J. E. Purkinje. In the time of foundation was our department part of Faculty of Education in Ústi nad Labem, which was 28th September 1991 one of the constituent faculty of the new Jan Evangelista Purkinje University in Ústi nad Labem. Department of computing and didactic technology was practically from the beginning the carrier of two studies – bachelor information systems and the master tutorial computing technology.
Department pass in the history through many organizational transformations, which teach, e.g. principles of the computing technology for all students of Faculty of Education etc. One of the most important changes was transformation from the Department of Computing and Didactic Technology to the Department of Computing Technology more than twenty years ago and the affiliation of the section for the education of the computing and didactic technology for students of pedagogy for primary level of the elementary school, called Section of multimedia education. The Department of Computing Technology was transformed in the year 2001 to the Department of Informatics, with much better prospects to reflect new trends in the informatics.
The next significant milestone in the era of the Department of Informatics was the admission to the Institute of Natural Sciences on 1th April 2005, which is one of the five founding departments of this Institute. Institute of Natural Sciences was on 4th November 2005 transformed to the Faculty of Science.