Ricardo Rodríguez Jorge, Ph.D.

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Místnost: 6.07 (CPTO)

Telefon: +420 475 286 724

E-mail: Ricardo.Rodriguez-Jorge@ujep.cz

Skype: rodriguezri

WWW: Ricardo Rodriguez (rodriguezricardo.net)

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  • 2009–2012       PhD DEGREE – PhD. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING – “CZECH TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE (CTU)”. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering.  Title and Certificate of PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Field of study: Control and Systems Engineering. Thesis entitled: “Lung tumor motion prediction by  neural networks”
  • 2005- 2007       MASTER’S DEGREE – MASTER OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE – “NATIONAL CENTER OF RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT(CENIDET)”.  Department of Computer Sciences. Title and Certificate of Master in Computer Science. Field of study: Artificial Intelligence. AVERAGE: 96.33. Thesis entitled: “Validation and Verification Automatic Module of Extracted Rules of a NeuralSymbolic Hybrid System”
  • 2000-2004       BACHELOR’S DEGREE  IN COMPUTATIONAL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING -“TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF LAZARO CARDENAS (ITLAC)”. Department of Computer and Systems. Title and Certificate of Computational Systems Engineer. Field of study: Distributed systems and networks. AVERAGE 94.28. Internship project: “Exploitation of Resources of a CMU Camera for its Started up on a ROMIC Robot”

Profesní zaměření

  • Signal Processing
  • Artificial neural networks
  • Mechatronics
  • Pattern recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Fuzzy-logic
  • Data science
  • Natural language processing
  • Medical informatics

Pedagogická činnost

  • Advanced programming
  • Machine learning
  • Scientific computing
  • Fuzzy control systems
  • Applied differential equations
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data structures
  • Teory of computation
  • Measurement in Engineering
  • Computer Support for Study
  • Informatics II
  • Informatics III

Publikační činnost

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Členství ve vědeckých a profesních společnostech

Řešené projekty

  • Awarded by: The Professor Improvement Program (PRODEP) (2016-2017).  Grant number: DSA/103.5/16/10473. Project Title: Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmia Patterns by Adaptive Analysis . Role: Corresponded researcher. Amount: $ 351,669.00 MXN. Date: September 2016.
  • Awarded by: Coordinacion de Investigacion y Postgrado- IIT. Title: Higher-Order Neural Networks for the Detection of Arrhythmia Patterns.  Awarded Institution: Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez. Role: Corresponded researcher. Date: May 2018.  
  • Awarded by: The Professor Improvement Program (PROMEP) (2013-2014). Grant number: PROMEP/103.5/13/9045. Project title: Architecture of Neural networks for arrhythmia detection. Role: Corresponded researcher. Amount: $ 211,637.00 MXN. Date: October 2013.
  • Awarded by: SGS grant (2010-2012) (Open it in a new tab). Grant number: SGS10/252/OHK2/3T/12. Title of the project: The development of methods for cost-effective creation of information and control systems for mechanical and thermal energy equipment (In Czech). Role: PhD student / Collaborator.